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     Eastern Canada ISCEV members are honored to invite you to the stunning Estérel Resort on the shores of Lake Dupuis in one of the most beautiful parts of the Québec Laurentians, Canada for the 61st ISCEV Symposium which will be held from September 16th-19th, 2024 for the Symposium and September 14th-15th, 2024 for the clinical and animal courses.

     Situated in the heart of nature along the Laurentian Mountains and surrounded by numerous forests of maple and pine, lakes, rivers, and lively small historic villages, the Estérel Resort is a perfect recreational destination with something for everyone to enjoy. Just an hour outside of Montreal, the Estérel Resort is a wonderful escape from city-life which caters to those seeking adventure, cultural attractions or even some rest and relaxation. The resort is also known for its outstanding gastronomy with a wide selection of local and authentic Québecois specialties, seasonally inspired menus, and their renowned wine cellar. In addition to the spacious and modern suites with fireplace and kitchenette and the full-service on-site spa, the Estérel Resort is surrounded by numerous outdoor pools, thermal baths and breathtaking scenic lakes for a perfect blend of science and relaxation.

     We have opted for a fall meeting, as the changing of the leaves is absolutely spectacular, and the weather is still extremely pleasant. Given that the summer rush will be behind us, we plan to take over the Estérel Resort in its entirety! We have negotiated extremely competitive rates at the Estérel Resort so that all participants can stay onsite where many of the social activities and meals will be taking place. Our annual ISCEV Olympics will be organized on site along the shores of the panoramic Lake Dupuis and will include both aquatic and land activities. Similarly, our culinary adventures will include many local and traditional favorites throughout the week where we will have the opportunity for all of us to indulge together!

     Our team is actively planning numerous activities which will take place during the symposium. With the warmth of fall still embracing the month of September, our goal is to maximize time outdoors for our ISCEV social activities as much as possible. Some of the activities we are currently considering are a trip to the Montreal Old Port, a campfire beach party, as well as numerous water sports including paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and the like in the beautiful waters that surround the resort. Additional exciting plans for the accompanying guests are also underway with visits to nearby regions within the Laurentians, picnics and workshops, and the like. An exciting 3-day post-symposium bike tour is also being planned so that the ISCYCLISTS can explore some of the more remote areas of the region.

        We sincerely look forward to showing you our Canadian know-how once again in September 2024!

— The organizing committee

Allison L. Dorfman, Anna Polosa, Marie-Lou Garon, Marc Hébert, Pierre Lachapelle, Jacqueline Orquin, Julie Racine, Dave St-Amour, and Mitch Brigell